Tenacious D- Rize of the Fenix ALBUM STREAM

The new album isn’t officially out yet until the 14th May but you can listen to it already online. YES! Stream the entire album on soundcloud.

Rize of the fenix

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New Video: The Shins- The Rifle’s Spiral

The Shins

The Shins latest music video,from their new album ‘Port of Morrow’ is a stop motion animated clip directed by Jamie Caliri and reminds us very much of any Tim Burton film. 

You can watch the brilliantly creepy video here on nowness.com

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Kraftwerk- The Robots


Kraftwerk performs “The Robots,” complete with 3D projections, live at the Museum of Modern Art at the second night of the pioneering German electronic group’s eight-night retrospective.

(via lustik)

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Grimes: Building Beats From The Ground Up

The electro-pop producer surrounded herself with equipment, and began making magic with pedals and knobs at the KEXP studio in Seattle.

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The Scotty Pippens- Fuck & Fall in Love

one of the most hilarious music videos I have seen in a while (musically discussable, however…). WHO THINKS OF THIS? Kinda wanna say what its about, but it will ruin the fun. trust me

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